FRC 4335 Metallic Clouds About Us

Hello, and welcome to the website for the Metallic Clouds! We are a Girl Scout FRC Team based out of Central Texas. A few words that describe us are; Fun, Messy, Colorful, Crazy, Exciting, Unpredictable, and Sarcastic. This build season we have had our dilemmas and our triumphs, but through it all we have become close friends. We love to have fun and goof-off, and sometimes our saftey captain has to add new rules for the team based on our behavior, such as the now infamous "people don't belong in tubes" (it's a long story). Even though we can no longer put people in tubes we still have fun in crazy, random ways. Sometimes we will lock ourselves in a room without mentors or coaches for more bonding time :3. Our team movie is WALL-E because we love the story and who wouldn't want a robot movie as the official team movie of a robotics team?

Overall we are a serious team that knows that the robot is important, but the most important thing is having fun and doing what we love. When it comes down to it, whether we win or lose, we did the best we could do, and we had a blast doing it!